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     We are professionals who offer affordable counseling for people in the community. We have both individual and group therapy to address many common mental health issues for children, teens, and adults.

      While we are Christian counselors, we are sensitive to the unique backgrounds that many of our clients come from and will meet with people of all religious beliefs, races, and creeds.  We only ask that you be open to the possibility that God may use us as a  vessel to bring about healing and transformation as you journey closer to Him.

Phone Office: (484)-764-0045 (pls leave message)
Director's Cell  610-554-7417 (emergencies) 

      We specialize in the needs of teens (joint session with parent) and adults.  Some common issues are; depression, drug/chemical dependence, addictions, sexual issues, pre- and marital counseling, anxiety, life skills counseling, faith-based issues, legal problems, self esteem, anger management, and recovery from past hurts or abuse/trauma. 

     There are various treatment options ranging from 25 or 50 minute private sessions; to topic-centered groups such as co-dependency support, eating disorders/cutting, sexual issues, and anger management groups.  We also have a life skills group, "divorce care" recovery, and drug and alcohol groups. Groups generally meet two to four times a month for ninety minutes and consist of three to ten people.